Looking to rent

Landlords seek reliable, honest tenants that will look after their property and pay their rent on time.

There can often be a shortage of good rental properties so it is essential that you fill out our application form as fully as possible. This will allow us to process your application quickly. These can be filled out online and sent back to us.

We also need photo identification, credit and other background checks may be required. Rental references are also a great help. We do not accept family member references.

We welcome new tenants into our offices as it is great to meet prospective tenants face to face.

It is helpful if you inform us as of your requirements and we can then match a property to your needs. Once your application has been approved and you have viewed the property we require a deposit. We will also negotiate a moving in date.

We will also require bond and rent paid before move in date.
Our staff live locally so can advise you on local schools, doctors and other facilities you may require.
Inspections are carried out approximately every 3 months. You will be notified of these in advance.
Vacating tenants are required to give 21 days notice in writing.

For more information please contact us directly

Move in Costs

  • pay a bond (4 weeks rent)
  • one weeks rent in advance before moving in
  • pay rent on time thereafter being at least one week ahead

Tenants are required to:

  • keep the property in a clean and tidy state and not to store rubbish or old vehicles on the premises
  • allow access as per requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act:¬ i.e. urgent access, inspection access and contractors etc.
  • notify us of any damage to the premises, either accidental or deliberate
  • notify us of any urgent repairs
  • only allow the people on the tenancy agreement to reside there
  • ventilate properties daily
  • abide by our tenancy agreement conditions

NB. Where property maintenance or security issues arise we can be contacted 7 days a week. We undertake to use best endeavours to have the issue resolved as quickly as practicable.

Top Tenant Club

Rentables runs a ‘top tenant club’. This is designed to acknowledge the efforts of excellent tenants each year. Maintaining that status not only ensure on-going acknowledgement but also ensures an excellent reference in the event tenants move to other rented premises.
This acknowledgement is excellent for giving you preferred status with new property managers who do not know you.

For more information on how this scheme works contact our offices